Two clever ways to win me back

22 January 2010 | 0 Comments

Just getting a potential customer to your site is half the battle; the other half is getting them to stay.  If you’re lucky enough to get someone to sign up, you need to keep them engaged. Churn can be a pain to most young start ups.

I recently came across two clever ways to reel delinquent users back in.

First, Groupon – the hot collective buying coupon site – has a clever page meant to draw you back with a laugh before you make the final decision to unsubscribe from their email newsletter.

Unsubscribe from Groupon .

Second, Weebly – a simple web creation application – just sent me a simple email that reads like a mother wondering what happened to her derelict son.

While they both are clever – definitely got my attention -I wonder how effective they are at changing people’s decisions.  In the second instance, my delinquency on the site was because I lost interest and then actually forgot about it , which I suspect happens with many web sites.  I’m definitely going to go back and check it out again. Besides, the detail of how long ago I was there and what I did really makes me think they care (nice touch despite knowing its an automated system).

However, with Groupon, I have to imagine  someone going out of their way to unsubscribe hasn’t been happy with the service. A funny video likely won’t do much to change that.  But I could be wrong.